Harburg - A Medieval Castle on Germany's Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is a 350 km highway crossing numerous Bavarian cities and towns highlighting the quintessential Germanic cultural experience. Lined with castles, walls, dense forests, rolling hills, and charming villages straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale, the Road is one of Germany's most popular tourist attractions.

Harburg Castle

* A shot of the Walls of Harburg, one of the largest and best preserved castles in Germania.

Map of Romantic Road

* Portrait of the Romantic Road. Photo credit goes out to our friends from Losapos.com.

Munich U-Bahn

* Taking the very efficient Munich U-Bahn to our tour bus terminal. Like clockwork, all trains arrive as stated on schedule. Another example of the famous German precision!


* For a city that's over 800 years old, Munich sure has hardly any traffic!

Harburg Castle

* After a comfortable one hour and thirty minute bus ride we arrive at Harburg.

Harburg Castle

* First mentioned in 1150, Harburg retains the look and feel of the Middle Ages thanks to it never being damaged by war.

Harburg Castle

* What we have then is an authentic snapshot of how life was back in the Dark Ages.

Harburg Castle

* Prepare to storm the hill!

Harburg Castle

* My, what a stately looking estate you have here.

Harburg Castle

* The honeymooners half-enjoying half-dreading the unexpected wind chill.

Harburg Castle Gift Shop

* Replicas of typical medieval armor and weaponry for the children are available at the gift shop.

Harburg Castle

* A sign that roughly translates to, "The Hounds must remain comfortable outside!"

Harburg Castle Courtyard

* An anecdote has the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, calling Harburg the "Castle of my Dreams" and trying unsuccessfully to buy it.

Harburg Castle View

* Such a nice view for coffee break!

Harburg Castle Gunpowder

* Ready the gunpowder!

Harburg Castle Courtyard

* The Castle Complex includes a castle house, chapel, sentry walk, prison, dungeon, and courtyard (pictured above) complete with a wishing well!

Harburg Castle Weapons

* This was a functioning castle, complete with knights and weapons!

Harburg Castle Coat of Arms

* Spotting our coats of arms: fiery bull for me, and quaint shoe for her.

Harburg Castle

* Originally built by the former Hohenstaufen Monarchs of Germany, the castle served to protect the King's hold on this region.

Harburg Castle

* At present, the entire complex belongs to the Count of Oettingen-Wallerstein. (Say that five times fast!)

Harburg Castle Sentry Walk

* A walk around the castle walls complete with creaky floor boards and holes for pouring scalding hot water on invaders!

Harburg Castle

* My what interesting horse carriages they have parked here!

Harburg Castle

* A view of the fields around the castle. I can only imagine a line of catapults, trebuchets, and pikemen marching along.

Harburg Castle Escape

* At the prison tower, the only means for ventilation (and escape) comes from this extremely cramped and extended window, which then plunges hundreds of feet down.

Harburg Castle Dungeon

* The dungeon, dozens of feet down, reserved only for the rowdiest ruffians in the kingdom!

Harburg Castle Prison Toilet

* A medieval toilet; which you could actually fall into and plunge to your (crappy) death.

Harburg Castle City

* A view of the idyllic city of Harburg, home to over 6000 inhabitants including fairies, dwarves, and other fairytale characters.

Harburg Castle

* Like most castles in Germany, we were only allowed to take pictures of the outdoors. I wonder what those X markings by the windows mean.

Harburg Castle Gate

* Wilhelm! Hans! Close the gates!

Harburg Castle

* One final view of Harburg before we continue on our merry way.

Paulaner Beer

* Our trip along the Romantic Road was made even more pleasurable with bottle after bottle of Paulaner, a proud product of the Minim Friars and one of Germany's most popular beers.


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