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Awesome Athens and its Neighborhood of the Gods, Plaka!

Such is the beauty of this city, that a random turn on some street corner can expose you to a sight like this.

Continuing on my life-goal to explore a big chunk of the world in this lifetime, I found this Athens trip significant for three reasons:

a. This crossed out another city from my “Civilization II / Age of Empires Ancient Capital” list; having already done Jerusalem and Rome and just leaving Cairo and Istanbul.

b. This was the first foreign trip that Monicca(my sweeter, much more attractive, definitely less grumpy, half) and I have ever gone on together.

c. By attending the wedding of Monicca’s good friend in Mykonos(the whole reason for the trip to Greece), I could now check both "Attend a Greek wedding" and "Experience an Orthodox mass" from ye olde bucket list.

So accompanied by our beloved chaperone, Khamil(Monicca’s aunt), and having re-watched 300, Troy and Percy Jackson as a refresher course on Greek culture, we embarked on our 18-hour trip (including…