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The Fork In The Road.

Forks in the road are tricky.  
Often it involves a choice between:
a.  the path you currently are in: safe, familiar, with the devils you know
b.  and the other path: with the more narrow roads, heavy clouds and the devils you don’t know.
However, the safest path is not always the best one.  For indeed, the narrower the road and the greater the challenges that await; the grander the treasures that behold you, in the land where dreams live and come to pass.
So how does one deal with a fork in the road?  How do I make the right choice?
Like any good gamer would say, you collect as much information as you can so as to make the most informed choice.  A sense of perspective over the big picture as it relates to your hopes and dreams, openness to see the signs that often point to the right direction, conviction to actually make the decision and stand by it and luck from the heavens; are the tools we need to equip when we face this situation. Friends and contacts often act us our quest giver…