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The Tourist-Loving Dogs of Greece

I can’t end my entry on our Greek travels without talking about one of my favorite parts of the whole trip: the Greek dogs!! Standing guard, walking around, but mostly sleeping; these HUGE (like Beethoven big), somewhat chubby, docile and friendly creatures can be found EVERYWHERE in the country!  And by everywhere, I mean even in friggin boutique stores! Apparently, these guys are every bit as important to the Greek state as its own citizens as they are constantly fed and protected by the local government and shop owners themselves. That’s some heart-warming stuff right there, people! * Outside Zara along Ermou St.

Crazy Souvenir Shopping in Athens

While a big chunk of any itinerary in Athens involves  sight-seeing , one must also make sure to leave enough time (a day at least!) for souvenir shopping ! Seriously, of all the countries I’ve been in, this is where I had the most fun at not only buying souvenirs but also window-shopping the huge variety of items for sale. So whether you’re a fan of  fashion  (branded and local),  typical tourist souvenirs (tshirts, hoodies, magnets, spoons etc) ,  AWESOME tourist souvenirs   (orthodox icons, statues, swords and armor!!)  or just plain  weird stuff   (antiques, old pictures of random families, taxidermied animals) , Athens has something for you. * Such a nice day for a  stroll along Plaka’s streets . Armed with time for leisure-strolling, the art of exploring, getting lost, and finding one’s way again equates to a very pleasurable experience indeed.

Separated! The Tale of the Acropolis in Athens, and London

This is a story of two cities: Athens and London . Two cities separated by over 3000 kilometers but united culturally because of their great contributions to our study and understanding of Greek culture. Wait what, London?! Yes, London. For when the Ottoman Turks had the whole of Greece under their rule, an enterprising Brit with the title of Lord of Elgin fell in love with the Parthenon upon seeing it and decided to use his official title, as British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire , to legally purchase almost ALL the sculptures in the Parthenon, of which can now be found in the British Museum of London . But first things first, let’s take a look at the Acropolis in Athens! 1. The Acropolis in Athens. * The Propylaea serves as the main entrance to the Acropolis. Meaning monumental gateway , the Propylaea’s design has been copied numerous times; from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to the Propylaea in Munich .

10 Amazing Things To See In Athens

Having already written about the Plaka area of Athens (including Monastiraki Square, Ermou Street, the Ancient Agora and the Metropolitan Cathedral) and wanting to save the Acropolis for its own post, I decided to give you this Top Ten list of other places to see in Athens!! 1. Temple of Olympian Zeus * The colossal and enormous Temple of Olympian Zeus , dedicated to the King of all Olympian gods , was once the largest temple in all of Greece. While the building of the temple started in the 6th Century BC , it wasn’t finished until 638 years later , in the 2nd Century AD . Talk about procrastination!!  

Awesome Athens and its Neighborhood of the Gods, Plaka!

Such is the beauty of this city, that a random turn on some street corner can expose you to a sight like this. Continuing on my life-goal to explore a big chunk of the world in this lifetime , I found this Athens trip significant for three reasons: a. This crossed out another city from my “ Civilization II / Age of Empires Ancient Capita l” list; having already done Jerusalem and Rome and just leaving  Cairo and Istanbul . b. This was the first foreign trip that Monicca (my sweeter, much more attractive, definitely less grumpy, half) and I have ever gone on together. c. By attending the wedding of Monicca’s good friend in Mykonos (the whole reason for the trip to Greece) , I could now check both "Attend a Greek wedding" and "Experience an Orthodox mass" from ye olde bucket list. So accompanied by our beloved chaperone , Khamil (Monicca’s aunt) , and having re-watched 300, Troy and Percy Jackson as a refresher course on Greek culture, we em