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Hello Paris!! CDG, Arc de Triomphe & Eiffel Tower

After Barcelona and the Mediterranean Coast, our adventure continued on to Paris where I was totally stoked to spend 5 full days exploring the city. Having grown up with images of Paris from books, movies (with Da Vinci Code and Taken as my personal favorites) and stories from friends and family who have gone before me, I was fully prepared to absorb as much history, sightseeing, culture, arts and culinary delights as I could in those 5 days. Leave the shopping for the ladies of the group, I was here to get my sensory overload fix ! * The EasyJet terminal in Barcelona kinda reminded me of one of our own airports here in the Philippines, NAIA 2 ; not the run-down, “world’s worst airport” yet strangely charming (in my opinion) NAIA 1.