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Habsburg Imperial Crypt - And The Viennese Death Culture

I am a HUGE fan of Cathedrals, Burial Places, and Cathedral-Crypts! See Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem See Catacombs of Paris See Notre Dame, Paris See Westminster Abbey See Wawel Cathedral and Crypt See San Agustin Church, Manila So when I read in several guide books that there was an Imperial Crypt full of Monarchs from the Holy Roman Empire , as well as members of the House of Habsburg , I just knew that we had to check it out! * The unassuming entrance to the Crypt below. You wouldn't be able to tell at all that 12 Holy Roman Emperors and 18 Empresses are actually entombed here! * Built in 1633 , the Imperial Crypt has been the burial place for family members of the House of Habsburg for Centuries. * The sarcophagi are placed and marked along a series of ten interconnected subterranean vaulted rooms. * All in all, 145 members of the House of Habsburg are buried here, including the aforementioned 12 Emperors and 18 Empresses. A