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San Agustin Church and the Beauty of Old Manila

While Metro Manila may be world class when it comes to shopping malls, entertainment facilities, restaurants, bars, clubs and bargain shopping, its choices of  cultural attractions  is, unfortunately,  very limited . Partly its because of the national government's limited support for our historical sites or maybe its because our people themselves do not really value our cultural and historical heritage, preferring instead Western influences. Nonetheless, I am extremely proud that we more or less have the ancient  walled city of Intramuros  to get our nationalistic fix in, as well as to showcase to our balikbayans and foreign guests who want to catch a glimpse of our history. And at the center of this walled city is my favorite church in the country, the  San Agustin Church . * Built in  1571  by members of the  Order of St. Augustine , the San Agustin Church was the  first religious structure   built  by the Spaniards in the island of Luzon.

Fort Santiago and the Last Days of Jose Rizal

Aside from San Agustin Church, no other place in the ancient walled city of Intramuros holds as much historical significance as  Fort Santiago . Due to its location at the  mouth of the Pasig River , Fort Santiago was the  chief fortress , barracks and dungeon of the   Spanish Government  during its rule of the Philippines. It also became a main fort for the spice trade between Asia-America-Europe via the  Galleon Trade to Acapulco . * Originally used by  Rajah Sulaiman , the most powerful chieftain of pre-Hispanic Manila, the Fort in its current form was ordered built by  Miguel Lopez de Legazpi   to protect the newly established city of Manila. And for the price of   $1.50 , this place can be toured by all!