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Haunted London Walk!!!

For first timers to both London and Paris, I would highly recommend getting this nifty travelling tool known as the  London Pass (or conversely the Paris Pass) . For the price of  £77 , one gets  access to all the major tourist spots  with special  cut-the-queue lines , discounts on various restaurants and services and more importantly,  FREE access to the London Tube  for three full days! A VERY good deal indeed for those planning on maximizing their visits on limited tour dates. Upon looking at the London Pass booklet, my cousins and I were stoked to find a special offer for the  Blood and Tears Haunted London Walk . For the price of  £7.00 , we got to go on this highly-rated and recommended walking tour, focusing on the bizarre, creepy and occult-ish elements of this medieval city. * Having met our guide,  Declan McHugh , on the  Barbican tube station , we started our  one hour and 45 minute walking tour  of London's gruesome and freaky history, including areas w