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"A new world. A better world. A kingdom of conscience…a kingdom of Heaven." Taken from Kingdom of Heaven, one of my favorite movies of all time, these words never fail to strike a chord within me; for it’s idealism, it’s truth, it’s message of HOPE. For Holy Week this year, instead of going to the beach as has been the case the past decade, I decided to go on a solo pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Why solo? I have always believed that faith is a personal journey ; one which does not have a destination, but is a continuing process of getting to know the Divine by which we get to know ourselves a bit more. Definitely, the highlight of this trip would be the old city of Jerusalem. Being the history geek, architecture admirer and student of religion that I am, I could not help but feel excited weeks before actually stepping foot in the city; where not only Jesus had done so but also countless Hebrews, Christians, Muslims, Romans and Ottomans before me.  Indeed I had

Walls of Jerusalem Old City

JERUSALEM. "How can you be in hell, when you’re in my heart."   - Balian of Ibelin Picture of the outer wall of the old city of Jerusalem, taken during my  solo pilgrim walk  from the hotel last night (sorry Mom & Mon).  Blog entry to follow.