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Medieval Crime and Punishment Musuem

The scenic town of Rothenburg , apart from being Germany's most charming, medieval village, contains one more star attraction especially for history buffs like yours truly. * What would have been any regular old building was made so much cooler with the presence of this Ducking Stool , a device used to punish dishonest traders and disorderly women. What could this building be?!

Rothenburg - A Town Straight Out of a Fairytale

Looking like every Disney fairy tale village that ever existed,  Rothenburg  is one of the highlights of Germany's  Romantic Road , and is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. * I mean just look at that! I was half-expecting  Pinocchio  to walk-by. This is the  Plonlein , the town's most iconic (and photographed) view; shockingly and, luckily for us, empty this day.