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Whiskey Tour - The Glenlivet Distillery

The second stop on our whiskey tour was the   Glenlivet Distillery , producer of the renowned Glenlivet single-malt (duh!). Known as the  "single malt that started it all,"  Glenlivet is currently the  biggest selling single malt brand in the US   and is personally my favorite single-malt scotch. * This sign goes to show how all of our beloved scotch whiskey brands are just literally,  neighbors .

Whiskey Tour - Strathisla Distillery

For  my profession , I find that I am extremely lucky to be able to call myself a  salesman   of some of the  world's finest brands of spirits and liqueurs . It's one thing to care about what it is you sell, may it be a service, smartphone, shoes, food, but  to actually LOVE what you sell   (and I do love my booze)  is an entirely different thing. It is in this spirit that I, along with my officemates, was very fortunate to have been sent on an   educational trip to Scotland , where our beloved scotch whiskey brands are produced. * On the road, we passed by  warehouses full of Chivas Regal , definitely  my preferred blended scotch  due to its  sweetness  and  smooth finish  as compared with other scotch brands. It was surreal to realize that a bottle of scotch that I will enjoy years from now, is currently in one of these warehouses.