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Tribute to Warfare - Musee de I'Armee and Napoleon's Tomb

One of the most overlooked attractions in Paris is the Musee de I’Armee . Located in Les Invalides , this museum has one subject and one subject alone, WARFARE . Originally, I wanted to see the place only because it contains Napoleon’s Tomb , which is something I had wanted to see ever since I saw the episode of GI Joe where the Joes battled Cobra because Cobra needed Napoleon’s DNA to build Serpentor . (Geek talk) But this place turned out to be so much more. Containing weapons, armor and artifacts from antiquity, the dark ages, the Renaissance, all the way to the two World Wars, this Museum is as awesome as it gets, it being one of the largest and most complete military museums in the world. So fellows, when all that your ladies want to do is shop along Champs Elysees , do yourself a favor; HEAD HERE ! And feel the manliness coursing through your veins. * After getting off the Varenne metro stop , one must take a very pleasant walk towards the Museum. I would highly