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Urban Exploration - Villefranche sur Mer

One of the pleasures of being in a foreign place is  getting lost on purpose. And while I usually get lost alone (see entries on  Hong Kong, Shanghai and Jerusalem ), for this trip, I was very lucky to be in the company of my two cousins and partners-in-crime,  Clark and Argee . For once, there could actually be a picture of me (hell-yeah!), instead of just the scenery. After the day-trip to  Monaco , we had about four hours to kill before the cruise ship was to depart.  And while everyone else was already on board the ship (sleeping/eating/gambling/enjoying the theatrical production of  Grease ), Argee and I decided to explore  Villefranche  a bit longer. * My partner in crime,  Argee , trying his best to look like one of the locals.. with his huge camera bag, US marine hat and Back to the Future sneakers.

Sleepy and Charming Villefranche sur Mer

After the insane shopping and sight-seeing of Barcelona, the excitement of being in Europe for the first time got bogged down by every traveller’s worst enemy, jetlag . As we started our Mediterranean Cruise, I had to fight to stay asleep. THANK GOD, our first stop was the charming and sleepy town of Villefranche sur Mer . With picturesque scenery (see above) and a laid-back, relaxed vibe, sur Mer was our most hassle-free and uneventful stop in the whole trip, and that’s a GOOD THING .