5 Reasons I'm Grateful For 2012.

1.  Expanding my book collection

No matter how integral a role the iPad now plays in my life, I will always prefer looking, touching and smelling a real book.

Book Collection
* Books on History, Travel, Comics, Religion and Humor rule.

2.  GREATLY exanding my Marvel toy collection
Marvel Universe

* Yeap, what can I say?  I’m an AVID toy collector!

3.  Finally getting to go around Europe with my family.  

Because family trips are the best, most especially if it’s your first time in that place.

Clockwise from top: Tower Bridge (London), Colosseum (Rome), Duomo (Florence), Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), Eiffel Tower (Paris)

4.  Continuing my faith journey by going on a solo pilgrimage to Jerusalem followed by prayers in Rome.
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Left: Praying at the Western Wall. (Holiest place for Jews)
Right: Church of the Holy Sepulcher. (Holiest place for Christians, site of Christ’s death and Resurrection)

Pilgrimage to Vatican City
* Spending a day at the Vatican.
What’s next?
a.  St. George’s Cathedral in Istanbul (Center of Eastern Orthodox Christians)
b. Mecca (Holiest place for Muslims, if possible)

5.  Bringing Shaggy to Manila
Because after 8 years of only seeing him during holiday breaks, my 13-year old dog and I are finally reunited.

Rockstar and Shaggy
* Shaggy (right) posing with his mischievous Padawan, Rockstar.
Thank you 2012!!  Here’s to an awesome 2013.


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