8 Awesome iPad Apps for Travelling

My iPad was such an indispensable tool of my last three trips (Mid-East, China, Europe) that it has become THE constant source of Ready Information and Entertainment in other facets of my life. With so many great apps out there, I decided to concentrate on the 8 that are truly useful for the budget, foot travelling, wanna-experience-all-the-sights-and-sounds-in-limited-time traveller such as myself.

1.  Goodreader ($4.99)



One of the best PDF readers for the Ipad, Goodreader not only allows you to read the PDF’s, it also allows you to highlight and add notes on the pages.  I loaded this app up with various DK Travel Series and DK Top 10 Travel List books (the best travel guides due to the abundance of pictures and maps) and was particularly helpful in Barcelona, Rome, Paris and London.

2.  All of Wiki ($8.99)



The solution to boredom and ignorance, All of Wiki literally means, ALL OF WIKI. It downloads the entire Wikipedia database (around 8gb) and essentially turns your iPad into a digital encyclopedia and compendium of human knowledge and history.  There is some controversy on using Wikipedia as a source matter due to its unverified, user-editable content, but my stance is: get an expert opinion on something that’s really important (questions on health and anything involving money) and rely on wiki for everything else.  So in those times that there are no wifi hotspots and you REALLY have to know Nicolas Cage’s list of movies in the last 10 years, this is the app for you.

3.  Worldly ($2.99)



Similar to All of Wiki, but this is specifically for the Wikitravel website.  Useful for getting a general idea on the various cities with practical tips on shopping, crime, sights and sounds, food, tipping and getting around by train.  Was very useful in warning me about the various scams that pickpocket artists use on tourists.

4.  360 Panorama ($0.99)



Due to the vast library of great photo tools (Instagram, Phototaster, etc.), I will only include one photocentric app.  360 Panorama, with its easy to use interface, is perfect for preserving that great feeling of being lost in a strange land, not just through pics of various spots, but through a 360 shot of that moment.

5.  XE Currency (Free)



XE Currency shows the updated exchange rates of every currency in the world. Easy to use with a customizable interface, this was a great tool in helping me not go overboard with the shopping as I am always reminded as to how many pesos I’m actually spending on the item.

6.  All Subway HD ($0.99)



For those who wanna save and at the same time experience the best that the cities have to offer, All Subway HD is a godsend.  This was an integral tool in helping me plan our days especially in Paris and London as ideally one would want to take a train to a certain area and explore all the nearby sights on foot.  Includes  the subway map of around 60 cities, including Metro Manila.

7.  Goodplayer ($2.99)



Goodplayer is essentially VLC Media Player for the iPad, which means it plays EVERYTHING.  This app removes the point of converting your AVI and DIVX files into iPad compatible files and is a great tool for those long plane/train rides.

8.  Comicflow (Free)



Finally, Comicflow is the best comic reader app for the Ipad and is currently my favorite app.  With a gorgeous selection screen, easy to use interface (just swipe to turn a page), and very bright and clear colors, this was and still is my favorite time waster.  With mine loaded with a whole lot of Marvel, Asterix and Sandman comics, this app is great for when you’re waiting for someone, in a long train/plane ride or just can’t fall asleep.


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