Royal Carribean - Mediterranean Cruise

Before I continue on the Eurotrip, I would like to write a special thank you to our cruise liner and it’s staff, Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, for taking excellent care of us on our Mediterranean Cruise.

For the whole week that we were cruisin, I was pampered, fed (A LOT) and treated very politely by everyone on board.  So Kudos to the Captain and his mates!

Liberty of the Seas - Terminal

* The Barcelona Pier is just awesome, looking a lot like an airport terminal complete with restaurants and souvenir stores, which my dad (guy on the right) took advantage of.

Liberty of the Seas - Terminal

* Elevators for us regular folk and Stairs for the douchebags who wanna impress their women.

Liberty of the Seas

* The Liberty of the Seas.. complete with lifeboats that are as huge as coast guard boats.  Nothing prepares you to see something THIS huge.

Liberty of the Seas - Promenade

* The central activity center, full of duty free shops and restaurants… aka The Reason I Gained 10 Pounds on this Trip.

Liberty of the Seas - Promenade

* Unlimited coffee + unlimited pizza and pasta + Ben & Jerry’s = EVIL.

Liberty of the Seas - Promenade

* View of the various decks with authentic Roman Obelisk… made in China.

Liberty of the Seas - Casino

* On the way to the club, we saw people who were STILL playing on the exact same spot 6 hours later……

Liberty of the Seas - Cinema

* The movie theater showing classic, Academy Award winning films like Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never.

Liberty of the Seas - Club

* The Catacombs Nightclub, where all the yuppies and college students would hang-out every night.  No dubstep on this ship! (Whew!)

Liberty of the Seas - Climbing Wall

* Rock-climbing wall, where you go to FAIL in front of dozens of people.

Liberty of the Seas - Arcade

* After 10 long years, I still OWN at Dance Revolution.

Liberty of the Seas - Swimming Pool

* One of 10 pools on board, all populated by hot chicas by day and hairy chicos by night.


1.  Food glorious food!  I cannot rave enough about the amount of food readily available for all the passengers.  Whether it be italian/spanish/mexican/chinese/japanese/continental/junk food, it is all available, 20 hours a day and is FREE.

2.  The excellent service really does add a lot to the over-all enjoyment of the experience.  A big plus was the fact that 60% of the crew were Filipino, who are always all smiles and happy to assist.

3.  The experience of having a fitness center, spa, performance center, arcade, basketball court, rock-climbing wall, mini golf course, surf simulator, movie theater, casino, art gallery and nightclub, all in one ship, is just amazing!


1.  Since the ship is docked by day and cruisin at night, you’re only given a limited amount of time to explore each spot (around 9 hours of exploring time per day). Which sucks because part of the beauty of experiencing a new place is seeing it at night with all the lights lit up.

2.  Internet is expensive as hell… like a dollar every minute, which makes keeping in touch with loved ones at home hella-expensive!

3.  Food glorious food.. which lead me to gain 10 pounds! It’s not the heavy breakfast and dinners that kill you.. it’s the "Hey! Wanna eat?" at friggin 2am that does..


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