Getting Engaged in Santorini at the Beautiful Town of Fira!

As I was getting my cultural and historical fix in Athens and Northern Greece, I knew that for Monicca, this whole trip was leading up to her personal highlight, Santorini. Sure I knew from all the pictures and movies shot here how beautiful the island is; but what got me really excited was when I read that the Legend of Atlantis was actually based off of this island! To get a chance to explore the so-called most beautiful city in antiquity, destroyed by the gods because of its citizens’ hubris? Count me in!

Eleftherios Venizelos

* The departure gate at Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos. You know you’re going to have an epic time when all your fellow passengers are wearing shorts and sandals.

Santorini airport

* The quaint Santorini airport, which reminded me of our own airport in Boracay Island, albeit with its own small Duty Free store selling branded eyewear, gadgets and swimwear.

Aegean Airlines

* It was my first time to try out Aegean Airlines, voted the Best Regional Airline in Europe for three straight years now, and I was very impressed! I especially enjoyed the in-flight magazine and complimentary chocolate-bar snack.

Fira Santorini

* Arriving on the town of Fira via a taxi cab, we immediately felt the change in scenery from bustling, busy Athens and cool, reflective Northern Greece. Here there is an ever-present gentle breeze, the sound of sandals and seagulls, and the smell of seafood mixed with the waters of the Aegean. 

Fira Santorini

* It had always been Monicca’s dream to come to this island, her declared “favorite place in the world.” I was glad to be able to share this dream with her!

Fira Santorini

* And I can see why people fall in love with this place. Everything feels surreal; like you’re inside of a painting.

White Orthodox Cathedral of Santorini

* You should know by now that I go into every orthodox church that I come across. Here’s the White Orthodox Cathedral of Santorini.

Fira Santorini

* Beautiful resorts mixed with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. Imagine waking up to this view every morning. No wonder people here don’t ever want to leave!

Fira Santorini

* Monicca enjoying EVERYTHING about Fira. Here she is in the middle of a shopping session. She was floating and glowing the entire time we were here.

Fira Santorini

* Fira is a shopper’s paradise with both foreign and local brands well represented. Much cooler to check-out are the items native to the Cyclades such as the Santorini Wine (ranking among the best in the world) and the accessories made from things found in the sea.

Fira Santorini

* I must have bought several items this day: including a Greek fisherman hat, traditional Greek white shirt, several more magnets and souvenirs and some nuts to chew on!

Fira Santorini

* To get the best view of Fira, one must climb all the way up towards the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, then look back. Que Magnifique!

Proposing in Santorini

* Of course, with the perfect view, perfect weather and perfect companion, a man JUST has to propose to the love of his life. A Backstreet Boys / Enrique Iglesias song would perfectly cap this moment.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Santorini

* At the top of the hill stands the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I found it rather odd that a Roman Catholic Church would have such a prominent location in the middle of Orthodox Greece, of course I went inside to say a short prayer.

Fira Santorini

* Seeing as there was hardly anyone at the Cathedral, my fiancee and I had to take some couple shots!

Fira Santorini

* Night shopping is even more fun as all the tourists and bar-hoppers are out.

Obelix Santorini

* Obelix, apart from being the sidekick of one my favorite childhood comic heroes, Asterix, apparently also owns the best souvlaki joint in all of Greece! Located near the entrance of the Fira shopping center; expect long queues during lunch, dinner and clubbing time.

Obelix Santorini

* Sometimes I still dream of their pork souvlaki. Fatteningly awesome!

Fira Santorini

* At night, Fira becomes even more beautiful with all the lights turned on. Glistening like a sea of jewels, I would have to agree that THIS was the remnants of the legendary city of Atlantis, and officially, Monicca’s and my favorite place!


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