The Wedding - Part 5 (Reception)

Last July 5, 2014, I married the love of my life. 
These are the written chronicles of that beautiful day.

After the beautiful church ceremony and the channeling of our inner models with the pictorial at Raffles Hotel, came my most awaited part, the reception. I was excited because I personally had a hand in organizing much of the food, entertainment and libations for the evening. 

Hey man, if we're gonna throw a party like this once in our life, it might as well be the best party it can be!

Blue Leaf Pavilion Reception

* Our reception was held at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in McKinley Hill, Taguig. Not only was the venue perfect with its proximity to the Church and hotel, wide open space and high ceiling, Blue Leaf also had ample parking slots, a nice garden area outside and extremely well-kept restrooms.

Cheese Spread from Australia

* As an incentive for the early birds among our guests, we had over 20 varieties of Cheese care of our good friends, the Lopezes of Australia, and the Carrions of New Jersey, USA.

Cheese Spread from Australia

Cheese Spread from Australia

Cheese Spread from Australia

Starbucks Booth

* An even bigger hit was our Starbucks Booth serving an assortment of Frappuccinos and their signature Blended Coffee.

Starbucks Booth Line

* A queue quickly ensued!

Whiskey Shots for the Entourage

* Our entourage taking a shot of whiskey for the guys, and a shot of tequila for the ladies, after their entrance.

First Dance

* My darling and I dancing to Bread's "Make It With You," one of our favorite songs.

Cutting the Greek Themed Cake

* Cutting our Santorini themed wedding cake by Bizu. My original idea of "New York being defended by the Avengers" wedding cake was vetoed by the wife.

Centerpiece by Jing Tanada

* All floral arrangements and event styling accomplished by our brilliant stylist, Jing Tanada. I'm not normally a details kind of guy (like most blokes), but even I was taken aback by how complex and wonderful everything looked!

Mother of the Bride and Maids of Honor

* The radiant mother of the bride (and now my mom too!) and the maids of honor, who both did such a great job helping their beloved ate that day!

Dad and Ninong Mario

* Dad and Ninong Mario exchanging more war stories over glasses of Scotch. These two gents have been friends all the way back since High School.

Our Host, Tito Arnel Carrion

* For our Master of Ceremonies, we were blessed to have Monicca's Uncle, Arnel Carrion, a highly regarded and sought after stage actor in the Manila theater scene.

Two pairs of Mr. and Mrs. Mancao

* Two pairs of Mr. & Mrs. Mancaos with both ladies looking breathtaking that day.

The Domingos and Buans

* With the Domingo family heads, Former Mandaluyong City Mayor Ernesto Domingo Sr. and his wife, Mama Cora, along with Tito Raul and Ninang Angie Buan.

Dessert by Bizu

* A feast was indeed there to behold as we got the renowned Bizu Patisserie Group as our caterer, beating 3 other caterers in our taste-testing sessions. Although the priciest of the bunch, it was worth every cent as EVERYONE was raving about the food after, most especially our guests who had to fly-in from different parts of the world.

Dessert by Bizu

Dessert by Bizu

Dessert by Bizu

Dessert by Bizu

Dessert by Bizu

Mancaos with the Best Men

* The Mancaos with our Best Men, Dave (left) who has been the closest thing to a brother that I have had these past thirty years, and Aaron (right), who actually set Monicca and I up on a blind date, 8 years ago.

Blue Leaf Pavilion

* Our theme was meticulously followed to the letter, including the Greek-colored ceiling drapes!

Mom with the Villarosas and Mayugas

* Mom with the Mayugas (Ninong Rupert, Auntie Amet, Ate Rachel and her husband Tim) of Chicago, and Tito Abet and Tita Tessa Villarosa.

Mancao Cousins

* My Mancao first cousins, currently located in Cebu and all over the United States.

The Cebu Boys

* The Visayan-Mindanao horde taking advantage of the free-flowing Scotch the whole night.


* A most important guest was our favorite buddy, Rockstar! Initially a gift from myself to Monicca seven years ago, he has since become the baby of our family.

Family Picture

* Family Pic!

Rockstar Saying Hello

* And him giving his mother a kiss.

* With (from left to right) the Mancao family Patriarch, Dr. Miguel Mancao, the Aguilar family Matriarch, Nieva Aguilar, close family friends Angel and May Alarilla, Titas Mary and Malot Mancao and Tita Leny Estorco.

Philippine Airlines Group

* With Mom Ria's closest friends from the Philippine Airlines group, past and present, including Ninang Annabelle Tan-Go and Ninong Topper Cuyegkeng.

Aguilar Cousins

* With my Aguilar cousins, who never made me feel like I was an only child growing-up. Countless summers and holidays spent together, now all adults. 

Sacred Heart Boys

* With my boys from Sacred Heart Cebu (now Ateneo de Cebu), childhood brothas and sharers of the awkward stage, since High School.

Cervini Boys

* With my boys from the Ateneo Cervini Dorm, drinking, philosophical discussion, eat-all-you-can and LAN gaming buddies, since College.

Drinking Buddies From Around the World

* With some of my oldest and dearest friends here in Manila, now all chasing the dream.

From Clients to Business Partners

* With the gentlemen (and their ladies) behind Pablos Pub, our favorite burger, tapa, caramel beer and single-malt place, and some of the coolest people to hang, eat Persian Kebab and exchange ideas with. 

Heathcote Barkada

* With my Heathcote family, friendships that started in Antioch, San Antonio Makati and developed in weekends drinking at Grilla Kalayaan, each other's homes and all the various bars and clubs in Metro Manila.

Father of the Groom's Speech

* My dad, ever the speaker and professor, giving a hell of a speech!

Father of the Groom's Speech

* Thanks Pop and Mom, for always showing me that Family comes first, over everything else!

Father of the Bride's Speech

* The father of the bride giving a heartfelt speech, keeping it short and sweet as he was holding back tears.

The Bride and her Father

* Father and daughter dancing to "You are the Sunshine of My Life."

Dancing With The Stars?

Wetworks courtesy of the Maids of Honor

* The Maids of Honor bringing the waterworks once again, as they recalled the hilarious stories with their Ate Nicca, and welcomed me to the family. 

Best Men's Speech

* The Best Men, both masters at public speaking, giving their speech..

Complete with Powerpoint Presentation

* Which included a Powerpoint Presentation, that didn't make me shed a tear at all.. okay, maybe one tear. (sniff..)

Laughter and Tears

The Party Begins

* It was one of those rare moments when the confluence of free-flowing alcohol, balikbayans who were eager to let loose, young people who didn't know each other previously and a mixture of classic and modern music, created the recipe for the perfect after party! Seriously, the elders and even the children were still partying at 3am!

Payless Philippines Team

* Monicca's Payless Philippines Merchandising Team with everyone's favorite party host (today our guest), Rene.

Aguilars Serenading the Guests

* The Aguilar Gentlemen, serenading everyone with their trademark Barbershop Quartet tunes, a tradition popularized by my late grandfather, Napoleon Aguilar.

DJ Niki Rojas

* DJ Niki Rojas, rockstar of the legendary party place, Ponti, leading the beat into dawn!

Dancing to Timber, of all songs

* At the end of the night, we all had consumed an unbelievable 58 bottles of Scotch and over a hundred bottles of wine! Just in time for our surprise sober-up tactic, trays of greasy midnight tapa, eggs and garlic rice.

Mr. and Mrs. Mancao

* In conclusion, the perfect wedding reception involves just three components: A happy couple in love, two families coming together, having a great time, AND lots of food, wine and dancing for everyone!!

Here's to a life of wine, woman and song!


  1. Hi! May I ask your contact for your host, DJ and band? Seems like a fun reception!! Thank you!

  2. The music band should have something for all guests who have gathered to bless and share the joy of the newly wed.
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