Krakow Market Square - The Largest Medieval Square in Europe

Leaving wonderful Warsaw, with its immense World War II and Communist-era legacy, we headed down to the second Polish city in our itinerary, medieval Krakow.

Arriving in Krakow, we had no expectations as to how we would find the place. Imagine our surprise as it turned out to be in the Top 3 of our favorite stops in this trip!

Warsaw Chopin Airport

* Flying via Polish LOT Airlines was a pleasure. Winning several awards including "Best Airline in Eastern Europe" for three straight years, and being hailed as one of the safest airlines in the world, our experience with LOT was very positive and highly recommended.

Prohibited Items

* Several of the items people have attempted to smuggle in their suitcases; including: Bear and Tiger Fur, an armadillo, and a crocodile. Intense!

Duty Free Polish Vodka

* Poles sure take their Vodka seriously. Their Duty Free was FILLED with the good stuff!

Magnum Champagne

* Grabbing a bite of this exquisite Magnum Champagne Ice Cream while waiting for our flight.

Krakow John Paul II Airport

* The charmingly small John Paul II International Airport at Krakow. Plane to baggage to customs to exit in 10 minutes!

Royal Road of Krakow (c/o Wikipedia)

* Unlike Warsaw, which was completely devastated during the War (click: Warsaw Destruction), Krakow was largely untouched by the Nazis and is thus magnificently well-preserved as a medieval town.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grodzka Street

* Walking along Grodzka Street which is part of the Royal Route, a route which begins at the medieval Old Town and continues towards Wawel Hill, the home of the Polish Kings.

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

* The impressive Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul reminds me of the Church in our ancestral hometown of Carcar, Cebu.

Grodzka Street

* Continuing on the Royal Route with its cafes, restaurants and boutiques, both local and foreign, down towards the Market Square, 

Krakow Market Square

* Finally arriving at the Main Market Square of Krakow, the largest medieval square in Europe and a feast for the senses!

St. Mary's Basilica

* Dating back to the 13th Century, the square is surrounded by historic town houses, churches, administrative buildings, horse-drawn carriages, and gift shops.

Krakow Market Square

* The space is HUGE and very safe, continuing the tradition of Poland being excellent for travelers and wanderers.

Selfie at Krakow Market Square

* Taking our couple selfie in front of the Cloth Hall.

Adam Mickiewicz Monument

* Like in Warsaw, our buddy Adam Mickiewicz also has a monument here. Honoring the greatest Polish poet and one of the most beloved artists in all of Europe, Adam's Monument is also a favorite meeting place for locals in Krakow.

Selfie at Krakow Market Square

* Another couple selfie, this time in front of the historic Basilica of Saint Mary, one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen and the old parish church of Karol Wojtyla, the man who would one day become Pope John Paul II. 

Krakow Cloth Hall

* Central to the Market Square is the Krakow Cloth Hall, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks. 

Krakow Cloth Hall

* Once a bustling market where goods from Europe, the Middle East and Asia were traded, the Cloth Hall now serves a venue for hosting distinguished foreign guests, galas, and balls. Still its history of commerce continues with multiple stalls selling various merchandise.

Radler Warka

* We take a break from all the walking to enjoy this tall, refreshing, bottle of the Citrus-tasting Radler Warka

Polish Sausage

* Of course, what's a trip to Poland without enjoying a plate full of Polish Sausage, more commonly known as Kielbasa.

Krakow Cloth Hall at Night

* At night, the Market Square comes alive with a horde of tourists, party-goers and locals enjoying all the lights.

St. Mary's Basilica at Night

* St. Mary's Basilica looks exceptionally impactful with its solid, imposing presence. 

Statue Outside St. Mary's Basilica

* One of the legends has it that an Ottoman Turk was so in-awe of the Square that he just had to take a moment to admire the view. Can't say I blame the guy!

Krakow Town Hall Tower

* Built at the end of the 13th Century, the Gothic Town Hall Tower is another popular focal point in the Square, and was once used as a city prison with medieval torture chamber.

Adam Mickiewicz Monument

* One more shot of the beloved poet, Adam Mickiewicz. So popular was he, that he also has similar monuments in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

Grodzka Street

* Going for a night stroll along the medieval, cobblestone streets of the Royal Route.

Alkohole Liquor Store

* We saw a bunch of Alkohole liquor stores all over the place. Them Poles take their alcohol seriously!

Galeria Krakowska

* With just enough time for a bit of shopping, we ended our night at the Galeria Krakowska, a huge shopping center located across Krakow's main railway station.

* Here's a 360-degree view of the Market Square! The first video here on Danenation :)


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