Cruisin' the Danube River and Walkin' Buda at Night

The legendary Danube River is Europe's second longest river, and runs across Central and Eastern Europe. Flowing through Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Ukraine, the Danube has been a major historical setting throughout European history, as well as a main source of trade and travel between the ancient Kingdoms.

Hungarian Parliament

* The dramatic-looking Hungarian Parliament Building is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, but could easily blend in any Lord of the Rings movie.

Margaret Bridge

* Margaret Bridge is one of the bridges connecting the ancient medieval cities of Buda and Pest.

Danube Cruise

* Lovebirds enjoying the cool, windy weather after a long day of walkin' and explorin'.

Danube Cruise

* One of the stops of our hop-on-hop-off Danube River Cruise.

Danube Cruise

* Budapest is filled with exotic buildings, with sharp spires, mixing Western and Eastern influences.

Buda Castle

* The huge castle and palace complex of Buda Castle, home of the Hungarian Kings.

Statue of St. Gellert

* This very epic Statue of St. Gellert could very well be found in Lord of the Rings or Warcraft folklore.

Liberation Monument

* The Liberty Statue commemorates the brave Hungarians who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of Hungary from Nazi Germany.

Grand Budapest Hotel?

* I imagined the Grand Budapest Hotel upon seeing this impressive structure.

Balna Budapest Gallery

* This snail / shell looking building is actually the Balna Budapest, a shopping and cultural center used for expos and conferences.

Hospital in the Rock

* After the cruise, we decided to take the advice of Tripadvisor and visit the Hospital In the Rock, honored as one of Tripadvisor's most unusual attractions in all of Budapest.

Hospital in the Rock

* Originally a series of caverns under Buda Castle, the entire area was converted into an underground hospital during World War II, and later a nuclear bunker during the Cold War. 

Hospital in the Rock

* While we weren't allowed to take pictures of the incredible museum with its eerie wax recreations, I did go crazy with all the Soviet era memorabilia being sold in the Visitor Centre, including Soviet-passports, gas masks, jackets, flasks, and medals.

Hospital in the Rock

* A lot of young people joined in on our tour, probably those who also searched Tripadvisor for unusual attractions in Budapest!

Curiosity Cola

* The Curiosity Cola got my curiosity!

Matthias Church at Night

* Budapest by night, is just magical. It feels like the entire area is set in some classic "Golden Age of Cinema" movie.

Hungarian Knight

* This Hungarian Knight bearing the coat of arms of Hungary welcomed us to dinner.

Hungarian Sausage

* No visit to Hungary would be complete without enjoying their Hungarian Sausage! Legit!

Hungarian Cuisine

* Hungarian cuisine is generally heavy in meat, vegetables, and cheese. A very protein rich people!

Hungarian Restaurant

* I wonder what this restaurant used to be before its current state. I'm hoping, a dungeon!

Parliament at Night

* The Parliament looking very dramatic at night! Looks like the home of some elven nobles.

Matthias Church at night

* Matthias Church, in turn, looking like an enchanted Citadel.

Fisherman's Bastion at Night

* And the Fisherman's Bastion looks like a mystical courtyard full of dwarves, elves, and talking trees.

Fisherman's Bastion at Night

* Very nice! One of those genuine moments when I can say that my breath was taken away.

Fisherman's Bastion at Night

* I just HAD to get a selfie. 

Dreher Bak

* Loving this bottle of Dreher Beer after a long day in Budapest. 
Köszönöm Magyarországon (Thank You Hungary!)


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