Prague the Lively - Old Town Square and Jewish Cemetery

Located between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, the Old Town Square of Prague is also its heart. Containing, or within walking distance to all the city's major tourist attractions, you could spend a full day just appreciating the various sights, sounds, and tastes that the area has to offer.

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Old Town Hall

* Central to the square is a complex of ancient city houses which formed together to become Prague's Old Town Hall.

Prague Astronomical Clock

* The building's highlight, and one of Prague's best known landmarks, is its Astronomical Clock, the oldest operating one in the world.

Prague Astronomical Clock

* Every hour, a clockwork show of figures known as the "Walk of the Apostles" entertains the crowd.

Prague Astronomical Clock

* Thoroughly enjoyed the show in which the skeletal figure of death portrayed such a prominent role!

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

* The building in the background which sort of looks like Dracula's Castle is The Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Jan Hus Monument

* And this provocative looking gent is Jan Hus, Czech priest and philosopher, and considered the first Church reformer, having lived before Martin Luther and John Calvin.

Prague Old Town Square

* Continuing our admiration for Prague's Parisian-Bohemian architectural style.

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Old Town Square

* Check out the interesting building decorations; was probably an alchemy shop back in the day!

Prague Old Town Square

* Every December, the square becomes the site of one of Europe's most lively medieval Christmas markets!

Prague Jewish Quarter

* After a short walk from Old Town Square, we find ourselves at Prague's ancient Jewish Quarter.

Prague Jewish Quarter

* Unfortunately, it being the day of the Sabbath (Saturday) meant that everything was closed. 

Prague Jewish Cemetery

* However we were able to sneak a peek at Prague's incredible, Jewish Cemetery, where thousands of tombstones are densely piled on top of each other due to the ancient Jewish tradition wherein it's illegal to abolish old graves.

Prague Street Performers

* A band of Celtic (?) street performers. Street performance is always a highlight of every visit to a European city.

* Here's a 360 View of the Old Town Square.

Czech Beer

* Savoring the daily afternoon ritual of espresso for her, and beer for him, while people watching. That day's pick was Krusovice Czech Beer.

Prague Street Art

* Another delightful part of visiting cities in Europa.. Street Art!

Prague Old Town

* Exploring the labyrinth-like streets around the Town Square, each with its own selection of curiosities.

Prague Old Town

* Oh hey, Thai Massage! Hmmm... on second thought, I think i'll pass.....

Prague Cosplay

* A random cosplay party in the middle of a random street.


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