A Walk Around Quirky Copenhagen

Denmark is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. Economically, while the Danes have INSANE income tax levels which range from 45% to 60%, Danes have access to FREE education, health care, and welfare protection.. which are ALL of excellent quality! 

Income inequality is low; which means that the gap between the wealthy and poor is miniscule. Social mobility is high; which means that a person's status can actually go from poor to rich based simply on merit or how hard that person works. Corruption levels are one of the lowest in the world. Per capita income is one of the highest in the world, I guess, to make up for the high income tax. 

Furthermore, the Danes enjoy and practice a wider range of freedom and civil liberties as compared to other countries in the West. One truly FEELS free here, like you're part of an ideal society.

No wonder the Danes are referred to as the "happiest people on earth"!

* Like most European cities, street performers show off their skills on various pedestrianized streets. In Copenhagen, that includes DJs' as Scandinavia was one of the hotbeds for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

* Nowhere is the famous Danish freedom more felt than in the self-appointed, autonomous, anarchist enclave known as Christiania.

* Christiania is what happens when a group of like-minded people just one day decide to "declare independence" and establish their own society; free from paying taxes and bills and adhering to treaties with other nations.

* This sign cracked me up, as residents are very proud of the fact that they "are not" members of the European Union. To survive, residents of Christiania have set-up stalls selling shirts, souvenirs, and cannabis, the town speciality. Residents of Copenhagen are quite fond of exploring and walking around the area as it has a very "hipster" vibe to it. Tourists can also safely walk around as well. Taking photos and videos, however, are not allowed.

* Copenhagen is a millennial and gen-z (today's teenagers) paradise. There are hundreds of social media-worthy photo options and hipster experiences to be had.

* Hanging out with friends from college, in this kind of environment, is priceless! Thanks for showing us around the interestingly-named Paper Island, Rica and Jonas!

* You know your food park is trendy when there's a metallic cow hanging from the ceiling.

* 90's American hiphop, in the middle of the day, on a Scandinavian country.. not bad!

* Hipster pizzas or "flatbread" as this stall calls it.

* Why live on land.. when you can have a charming boat?

* Pop-up stores, boutiques, and cafes line a lot of the streets in Copenhagen. The opportunities and potential for small-and-medium businesses to flourish here are HUGE.

* The Copenhagen Opera House is one of the best-equipped and well-funded theaters in the world.

* The Danes and their love for sailing; a legacy of their Viking ancestry!

* If you're getting the impression that everything here is so clean and neat, that's because it truly is! Denmark has one of highest environmental standards in the world. Their recycling efforts and renewable energy technology are miles ahead of everyone else.

* FriendShips.. the only boats that never sink.

* Dane in Danemark!

* This rather stout gentleman with the bottle of Tuborg Beer is my kind of chap!

* Copenhagen is a city where there are far more bicycles than cars. So much so, that time is measured in terms of bicycle distance. When someone says "I'll see you in ten minutes", that means it'll take them ten minutes to get there by bike!

* Poor Royal Guard.. having to look at annoying tourists all day.

* Poor medieval statue.. having a blank wall to look at all day.

* A distinct feature of the Copenhagen City Hall exterior is this statue (or sarcophagus?) of Absalon suspended high above the structure. Absalon was the Archbishop who founded the city of Copenhagen.

* I don't know what these Lur Blowers are up to.. but I like it!

* The wife striking an Instagram-worthy pose.

* Yeah.. she did it better.

* Strange / Creepy / Eerie statues under water.. I hope they have their SPF lotion ready.

* I don't know what these ladies are up to.. but I respect it!

* The perfect description of the writer at this very moment.

* The Gammeltorv, apart from being the oldest square in Copenhagen, is also now the site of several street performers including break dancers, a DJ, and for some reason an American Indian doing a "war dance".

* The Dane and his family!

* Having a beer with dad in a Danish pub.. AWESOME. Skål!


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