Moscow At Night - The Sleeping Beast

Evenings in Moscow are breathtaking. While generally not as safe to walk around in as compared to other great European cities, there is still much to be explored, gawked at, and admired. 

Here are several shots of this glistening, sleeping beast.

* The Radisson Royal Hotel, once the Hotel Ukraina and tallest hotel in the world, was personally commissioned by Joseph Stalin to look this incredible.

* The iconic St. Basil's Cathedral, with domes like flames rising up into the sky.

* Mom and the writer, both grateful to be here.

* All this photo needs is snow, the Tetris theme song, and a shot of vodka.

* The Resurrection Gate, the official entrance to the Red Square.

* The State Historical Museum looking like it belongs in the North Pole.

* A shot of Kazan Cathedral.. with an odd-looking parked automobile.

* GUM Department Store, always open for business!

* Christmas in the middle of summer!

* All the stars are closer.

* The family with one of its finest traditions, eating ice cream.

* Nikolskaya Ulitsa with its excellent lighting effect.

* Our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, had a giant cuckoo clock at the main lobby.

* The International Business Center, or New Moscow, looking very Blade Runner-esque.

Check-out what the Red Square looks like during the day, HERE!


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