Roadtrip: Denmark To Sweden

I personally love long drives. There is nothing quite like spending a day on the road looking at wonderful scenery armed with a good book or a solid podcast on my iPod (yes an iPod), to get the creative juices flowin' and the life batteries rechargin'. There was plenty of this to be had on our road trip from Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden.  

* Our trip would take us from Copenhagen, up the coast to the Danish city of Helsingor, where we would then board the ferry to take us across the Oresund strait, separating Denmark and Sweden, to arrive at the Swedish city of Helsingborg, continuing on across the Swedish countryside until we arrive at its capital, Stockholm.

* Total travel time today is a solid 7 hours and 30 minutes along well-maintained highways and past lush forests, serene lakes, and plenty of rest stops to stretch and enjoy the fresh Scandinavian air.

* And one such rest stop was Brahehus Castle, located in the Smaland province of Sweden.

* As you can see, the castle and its ruined facade immediately became a popular photo-stop of ours!

* Not just of humans but of our intelligent, furry friends as well!

* The Castle was named after its founder, Count Brahe the Younger.

* And was built in the 1640s, abandoned in the 1680s, yet continuously restored through the centuries due to its popularity with locals and tourists. 

* How can you not love this place? Check out the view from the top! 

* Rule of thumb: An Instagrammer lady is lacking if without an Instagrammer boyfriend.

* Doing my best "Northern European noble" scowl!

* Somehow this view reminded me of the board game, Settlers of Catan.

* This place is so popular that it has its own mascot-logo!

* A delicious yet pricey snack! Scandinavia is among the most expensive areas in Europe.

* Eating ice cream: a family tradition since the 80s.

* Strangely-named ice cream bar..

* Arriving at our hotel in Stockholm (the Quality Hotel Globe), we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it is actually connected to one of the city's biggest stadiums.

* The view of which complemented our amazing snack spread of cold cuts, cheese, and veggies.


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