Gamla Stan: Stockholm's Medieval Quarter

The Gamla Stan is Stockholm's old town, located on the island of Stadsholmen, full of medieval buildings, cobblestone streets, and picturesque alleyways. If you have but a few hours to spare in this majestic city, every minute of it spent here is a minute worth spent.

* When in Stockholm, to find one's bearings, one must look to the sky.

* The Royal Palace of Stockholm is the official residence of the Swedish monarchs; currently King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. 

* And in the square in front of the Palace is this rather unimpressive equestrian statue of King Karl XIV, which seemed to truly annoy our Swedish tour guide with its lack of grandeur.

* Following usual European royal palace protocol, palace guards stand at attention on all entrance and exit points around the royal home; the Swedish sentinels clothed in royal blue with golden helmets.

* The palace contains over 1,400 rooms including all the offices of the Swedish Royal Family as well as the Royal Court of Sweden.

* Inside, the Royal Chapel is ornately and generously decorated with marble, gold, and priceless works of art!

* Interior courtyard of the Palace; perfect for dueling to the death! 

* Right next door to the Palace is the Storkyrkan, also known as Stockholm Cathedral; one of the oldest churches in Stockholm and seat of the Lutheran Bishopric of the Church of Sweden.

* Monicca finding her spot amidst the medieval alleyways.

* This bronze statue of Saint George and the Dragon is extremely dramatic; evoking a Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones-ish mood.

* Random signs outside a bar. Is that a demonic cat?!

* Stortorget is the main public square of Gamla Stan, and as such is the oldest square and historic city center of Stockholm. The area is famous for its multi-colored buildings, street performers, and annual Christmas market.

* Located on the Stortorget, The Nobel Museum features exhibits on the life of Alfred Nobel as well as information on the Nobel Prize and its numerous winners through the decades.

* Ooooooooh Medieval Bar!

* My kind of jam! Time for an old fashioned.. or should I say medieval fashioned?

* As an advertising specialist, I sure love the honesty (and modesty!).

* File under: Things I want to hoard, but do not have baggage allowance for.

* Like Brooklyn, but born over 400 years earlier! 


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