Viking Route on the Baltic Sea: Sailing From Sweden to Finland

While sailing across the Baltic Sea has historically been of the raiding type (i.e. Vikings sailing along the coasts of Scandinavia, Northern Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland), there is a much more extravagant, comfortable, and blood-less way to get around, and that is via an overnight cruise.

Here are some memories from our voyage from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland.

* Our home for tonight, the dazzling Silja Serenade: full of restaurants, indoor pools, duty free shops, a night club, casino, and several drinking spots (hurrah!).

* With an embarkation port nicer than several airports I've travelled from!

* As per normal cruisin' rules, cabins with windows facing out into the sea are the priciest, followed by cabins with windows facing into the main deck, and finally cabins with no windows at all following behind in cost.

* Ice-cold Viking beer perfect with the fresh Viking air!

* Cruise ship exploration rocks!

* Getting the steps in for the Fit Bit was no big deal with these surroundings.

* A big hit with all travelers was checking out the Duty Free section with goods advertised to be "cheaper than if you buy it in the EU".

* Superior and provocative product branding right here!!

* Meals were exquisite, plentiful, and filling! Only the freshet salmon and beef were served.

* By Odin's beard, Vikings at starboard! Prepare to board and confiscate all barrels of ale!

* The Good Lord seemingly blessing the Nordic Region. Sprinkle some of those blessings on the rest of us, please!

* At night the sound of live music and casino slots fills the air; enticing night-walkers (like myself) to live a little.. and drink a lot.


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