A Night Walk Around Old Town Sevilla

Definitely one of the advantages of staying in a hotel right in the middle of the city center is the ability to wander around and experience the city after the sun has gone down.

A Spanish city changes at night. Somehow it becomes even more vibrant and authentic as locals, offered a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of the daily barrage of tourists, are now free to come out, dine, and socialize; the Spanish way of rewarding one's self for a hard day's work.

* And in Old Town Sevilla, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is wonderfully lit and conducive for romance.

* Spaniards, and actually most people living along the Mediterranean coast like the Italians, Southern French, and Greeks, typically have their dinner at 9pm.

* And dinner time is the highlight of one's day with meals usually extending until midnight; And bars and bistros serving drinks for toasting, stories for sharing, laughter and merriment along the way.

* Seville being a smaller city than its sisters, Madrid and Barcelona, can be explored conveniently given that most of its attractions are within walking distance of each other.

* Carriage rides, or "Kalesas" for Filipinos, are a perfect way to see the city, for these mighty steeds look very much in their element with these surroundings.

* It is also common to hear wonderful music coming from street performers. My favorites have always been of the operatic variety.

* Safety is of course always a concern for any tourist, but fortunately in Seville, streets are well-lit, people are friendly and helpful, and police presence is unobtrusive yet felt.

* The Walls of the Seville Royal Palace looking very much like the Walls of Olde Jerusalem.

* Another view of Sevilla Cathedral, the world's largest Cathedral.

* In the absence of huge crowds, one can truly appreciate the architectural and structural details everywhere.

* And of course, take lots of photographs. Thankfully, technology has given our smartphones the capability to take fantastic looking ones!

* Spanish Jamon (ham) is the best kind of Jamon!


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