Snippets of Hong Kong

2019 and 2020 have been challenging years for Hong Kong. Protests against the local government, general population unrest, and as of this writing, the threat of a deadly coronavirus have rendered unto this megacity several blows that might take a few years to recover from.

However, make no mistake about it, Hong Kong is still very much one of the world's great cities. Located at the crossroads of the West and China, this former British crown colony is one of the world's most significant financial centers, busiest commercial ports, and home to the highest number of skyscrapers of any city in the world.

All photos were taken on a trip with friends, years ago.

* To get an idea of how skyscraper-dense the HK skyline is, one must head to Victoria Peak, the highest point in the city!

* What an incredible panoramic view! We were blessed with clear skies and good weather that day.

* Amazingly (but not surprisingly), Hong Kong also boasts the largest concentration of ultra-wealthy individuals of any city in the world! These gentlemen pictured therein, are rich in friendship.

* And the city has probably (and enviably) the most efficient, convenient, and effective transportation system in the world; beating the metro lines of London, Singapore, and Germany in my opinion.

* Random statues near our hotel in Hollywood Road. Ni hao!

* Live turtles on a red plate located randomly outside an antique store.

* Whose... possession..?

* Confident choice for branding of a design company!!

* It isn't a trip to Hong Kong without a sampling of its world famous dimsum!

* And its plethora of hipster cafes, including one that has the 2nd best barista in the world (for that year)!

* Can't live without our daily cup of brew.

* Being in a shopper's paradise, I couldn't help but play with some of the latest gadgets at the city's largest Apple Store.

* And greet the friendly and helpful yet attentive shopkeepers along the way.

* Asking for directions has never been this sassy.

* 2nd shot of brew, but this time in a more quiet location.

* While there's so much to see and do at Hong Kong Island, the adventure eventually continues at Kowloon, Hong Kong's most populated urban area.

* Ads everywhere you look, and as numerous as the brain can reasonably take note of.

* 3rd shot of brew but this time in one of Kowloon's largest malls, Harbour City.

* Despite technically being a part of China, who took control when the British left in 1997, Hong Kong is a special administrative region with its own autonomous governing and economic system under the "one country, two systems" policy. 

* Hong Kong's food scene with its dizzying choice of Asian and Western cuisine is top notch and stacked-full of Michelin Star restaurants (82 as of last year).

* At night, the city is lit up under a of sea of neon light.

* And the street of Lan Kwai Fong (or LKF) becomes the most happening place in town.

* Full of restaurants, bars, and clubs, LKF has something for every discerning taste, musical preference, and budget.

* From the affordable 711 blasting electronic dance music right in the middle of LKF (aka everyone's favorite pre-gaming and post-hydration place)

* To the more obscure and hidden places, where bartenders expect you to already know what you want, and how strong you want it served.

* No wonder everyone loves this place (expatriates most of all!)

* Wow, even salvation here is well lit!


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