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Prague the Mighty - Castle Complex and St. Vitus Cathedral

Apart from being the home to the Kings of Bohemia , several Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire , and Presidents of Czechoslovakia , Prague Castle also has the distinction of being the largest ancient castle in the world. * Nothing screams WELCOME than two giant sculptures of legendary characters beating their foes to a bloody pulp.

Prague the Photogenic - Wenceslas Square and New Town

Prague is probably the most photogenic city.. EVER . Looking like a mixture of every picturesque city in the world (Paris, Budapest, Vienna, etc), Prague is a feast for the eyes and the mind, especially for history buffs like this writer.  Apart from being the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia , Prague was also the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire , played major roles during the Protestant Reformation and Thirty Years War, and was a crown jewel of the Habsburgs, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazis, and the USSR . * The very orderly  Wenceslas Square is the business and cultural center of Prague. This is where demonstrations, celebrations, and other gatherings are often held.