Prague the Photogenic - Wenceslas Square and New Town

Prague is probably the most photogenic city.. EVER. Looking like a mixture of every picturesque city in the world (Paris, Budapest, Vienna, etc), Prague is a feast for the eyes and the mind, especially for history buffs like this writer. 

Apart from being the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia, Prague was also the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire, played major roles during the Protestant Reformation and Thirty Years War, and was a crown jewel of the Habsburgs, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazis, and the USSR.

Wenceslas Square

* The very orderly Wenceslas Square is the business and cultural center of Prague. This is where demonstrations, celebrations, and other gatherings are often held.

Statue of St. Wenceslas

* The Square is named after St. Wenceslas, the beloved Duke of Bohemia who was murdered by his brother, Boleslav the Cruel. Their names and stories were perfect for fairy tales, legends, and fables!

Prague Tobacco Shop

* Intense tobacco store.. with the PERFECT name!

Prague Street Performers

* That confusing moment you're entertained by Native American Indians.. performing.. in Eastern Europe..

Wenceslas Square

* Bordering both the Old and New Towns of Prague (entries on those two coming soon!), Wenceslas Square is also a shopping haven (containing all major international brands) and stag party heaven (containing more than a dozen strip clubs).

* A 360 view of Wenceslas Square!

Prague New Town

* The New Town of Prague looks more Parisian and cosmopolitan than any other part of the city.

Prague New Town

* Not surprisingly, the area is lined with all the high-end luxury brands.

Prague New Town

* This might as well be a street in Paris, London, or New York!

Prague New Town

* Filipiny food, represent! Had to drop-by for our Pinoy junkfood fix.

Prague New Town

* The walk towards Old Town features contrasting architecture! Buildings slowly transform from Cosmopolitan to Eastern European-Renaissance.

Streets of Prague

* Incredible! The architecture, lighting, and sunset combine to create this dramatic effect. Taking a bad photo was almost impossible in this city, as every angle produced a decent-to-gorgeous shot!

Streets of Prague

Streets of Prague

Bohemian Tower

* I totally got excited over this random Bohemian tower in the middle of the street.

Streets of Prague

Prague Food Truck

* Like the other cities visited so far on this trip, Prague was full of kebab stands.. to my delight!

Bridges of Prague

* My lovely wife resting/posing after a long day of walking.

Prague Castle Complex

* Allocating 5 days in Prague turned out to be a GREAT idea, as we had more than enough time to explore the Prague Castle Complex. (entry coming soon)

Charles Bridge

* And Prague Old Town; along with the unbelievably jaw-dropping Charles Bridge.

Master Czech Beer

* Capping the day with one of Prague's most beloved exports, Czech Beer! That evening, I thoroughly enjoyed a bottle of the fittingly-named Master Beer; with a caramel opener and strong bitter aftertaste!


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