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Haggis, Scotch and Bagpipes at Ballindalloch Castle

As an added bonus to what was already an awesome trip, we were able to visit an honest-to-goodness  Scottish castle ! Built in  1546 ,  Ballindalloch , known affectionately as the  Pearl of the North , is one of the more beautiful and romantic-looking castles in Scotland. Having been continuously occupied by the  Macpherson-Grant family  since its inception, the estate and its grounds are now open to the public as a museum, distillery, public garden, golf course, dog walking park and ranch serving its own renowned Angus beef. * Driving by  Lord of the Rings-esque   landscapes  on the way to the castle. I'm pretty sure that there are orcs / barbarians / vikings hiding in that forest.

Whiskey Tour - The Glenlivet Distillery

The second stop on our whiskey tour was the   Glenlivet Distillery , producer of the renowned Glenlivet single-malt (duh!). Known as the  "single malt that started it all,"  Glenlivet is currently the  biggest selling single malt brand in the US   and is personally my favorite single-malt scotch. * This sign goes to show how all of our beloved scotch whiskey brands are just literally,  neighbors .

Whiskey Tour - Strathisla Distillery

For  my profession , I find that I am extremely lucky to be able to call myself a  salesman   of some of the  world's finest brands of spirits and liqueurs . It's one thing to care about what it is you sell, may it be a service, smartphone, shoes, food, but  to actually LOVE what you sell   (and I do love my booze)  is an entirely different thing. It is in this spirit that I, along with my officemates, was very fortunate to have been sent on an   educational trip to Scotland , where our beloved scotch whiskey brands are produced. * On the road, we passed by  warehouses full of Chivas Regal , definitely  my preferred blended scotch  due to its  sweetness  and  smooth finish  as compared with other scotch brands. It was surreal to realize that a bottle of scotch that I will enjoy years from now, is currently in one of these warehouses. 

Exploring the Bishopric of Elgin, Scotland

In between the company scheduled tours, dinners and activities, I found some time to walk around and explore the area our hotel was located in. To my surprise, I found out that  Elgin  was a former  cathedral city   (town built around a medieval cathedral)  created as a  Royal Burgh   (official royal town)  in the  12th century   by  King David I of Scotland . So historically, there are a lot of places here to whet one's appetite. On a pop culture note,  the Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and The Kinks  all performed in a  d ance hall  here back in the  60's ; so, add extra points for coolness!! * The view of the town from my  attic-style hotel room's window !

Manila - Singapore - England - Scotland

After 13 hours, 3 movies, 5 TV shows, 2 full meals, 1 in-flight magazine (read from cover-to-cover) and numerous conversations with my colleagues, we finally arrived in London.. just in time to catch our connecting flight to Scotland! * Thank God for the gift of   aisle seating  as I had the chance to stretch every few hours. I could have happily walked for miles upon arriving in Heathrow after that grueling flight duration.