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Buddhist Enlightenment at Tokyo's Sensoji Temple

When you need a break from the futuristic skyscrapers, neon lights, eye-catching characters and crazy shopping, you'll find that Tokyo is also home to numerous spots dedicated to spiritual centering and enlightenment. * Senso-ji Temple, located at the heart of Asakusa, is Tokyo's oldest and most important temple.

Robot Restaurant: Inside Tokyo's Craziest Show

In a country of hilariously weird TV shows, insane manga titles, curious food items, and peculiar fetishes, there is ONE attraction that every tourist MUST check-out in Tokyo.  The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku is Tokyo's CRAZIEST show; an adrenaline-pumping and sensory overloading performance that perfectly showcases everything that makes Japan the dichotomy that it is. * And while it may look like a regular neon-lit KTV from the outside..

Eccentric Tokyo: Harajuku and Other Peculiarities

Japan is a country of extreme contrasts! A country where futuristic skyscrapers coexist with ancient feudal parks and temples, where a culture of honor and respect coexists with the craziest TV shows known to man, and where a polite and friendly people can also be eccentric and quirky! Here are some of my favorite shots of these peculiarities. * Animals playing musical instruments with no tone, rhythm and tune.. perfectly normal here in Harajuku!

Tokyo: What Happens When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

Home to a mind-boggling 13 million people, the metropolitan area of Tokyo is a sensory overload every step of the way. Everything in this mega-city looks, smells, sounds, and feels extraordinary.. like one is in a blockbuster movie, or 15 years in the future. And my first piece of advice for any first-time traveler to Tokyo, is to just let the city swallow you ! Don't even try to make sense of anything, open yourself up to everything.. and don't forget to look up! * Shibuya is known as Japan's fashion center and is where all the cool kids go to drink and party.