Buddhist Enlightenment at Tokyo's Sensoji Temple

When you need a break from the futuristic skyscrapers, neon lights, eye-catching characters and crazy shopping, you'll find that Tokyo is also home to numerous spots dedicated to spiritual centering and enlightenment.

* Senso-ji Temple, located at the heart of Asakusa, is Tokyo's oldest and most important temple.

* Visited by over 30 million people every year, this Buddhist temple is one of Japan's most famous landmarks.

* And yet despite the massive crowd, you will never feel too overwhelmed thanks to that Japanese sense of order amidst chaos.

* I swear I saw these two in a Mortal Kombat stage once.

* For Buddhists, life is a continuing journey of overcoming suffering and conquering death.

* And one does this by attaining Nirvana (the ultimate state of mind, not the greatest grunge band of all time)

* Nirvana is the state of perfect freedom, happiness, and life; a concept that can take a lifetime to claim, even for the Masters who aspire to it.

* Spot the sacred Swastika! Strange for Westerners due to its negative implication, but normal, historical, and spiritual for the East.

* That's a HUGE lantern!

* The five-story pagoda is in itself a wonder of Asian architecture.

* God bless us, everyone!

* Just in case you need help finding your way!

* Of course, since you have one of Tokyo's most famous landmarks, you'll also have streets of souvenir shops to entrap tourists visiting said landmark!

* Got to love the Japanese sense of making the familiar, unfamiliar! Can I have fries with my Ice Cream burger please?

* As well as restaurants with mouth-watering food choices to practice the famous "point-to-order" technique!

* After surveying streets of potentially-fantastic cuisine, we settled on this colorful one.

* Highlighting a solid selection of grub for carnivores (like me!) 

* Fantastic!

* And in a peculiar forest-y ambiance vibe too!

* Happily leaving this area spiritually-centered, and full!


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