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How To Apply For A US Tourist Visa (Part 1)

For millions of Filipinos, the United States of America is the land of promise: famous cities, iconic landmarks, relatives eager to show you around, fantastic food choices with huge servings, exciting NBA games, and loads of shopping. Unfortunately, we Filipinos cannot just fly into the US. To be able to legally enter America, we need an official document from their government authorizing us to enter their territory. This document is what we call a visa. A US visa carries several advantages: 1. Duration - an approved US visa can be valid for a few weeks to up to 10 years depending on how your whole application is processed by US Embassy officials. Compare this to EU Schengen (duration of stay as per itinerary), UK (6 months), Japanese (3 months), and Chinese (duration of stay as per itinerary) visas 2. Value for Money - Total visa application fee is at $160. If you get a 10 year visa validity, that fee comes out very economical. 3. Other Visas - It is not explicitly stated

How To Apply For A US Tourist Visa (Part 2)

After getting through the PLANNING phase (PART ONE) , we now go through PREPARING for the Embassy appearance and interview!