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A Hauntingly Beautiful Night Walk at Prague

While incredibly awe-inspiring during the day, Prague is hauntingly stunning at night!

* Prague Castle in all its majesty.

Tourist Trap Chronicles - Prague's Museum of Alchemy

While Prague is nowadays full of tourists, there was a time when the city was full of visitors of a more esoteric nature. 

* How can one NOT get intrigued by this shrouded figure by the Museum's entrance!

Church of St. Nicholas - A Baroque Masterpiece

In a city full of spires, the Church of Saint Nicholas sure found a way to stand out. Dominating the skyline of Mala Strana, Prague's New Town, the Church is breathtaking both inside and out.

* From a distance, St. Nicholas looks very formidable!

Prague the Iconic - A Walk Along Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of Prague's most incredible and iconic landmarks. Crossing the Vltava River, the bridge serves to connect the Old Town Square with the Lesser Quarter, also known as Mala Strana. * The bridge was constructed in 1357 under orders from King Charles IV, the first King of Bohemia to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

Prague the Mighty - Castle Complex and St. Vitus Cathedral

Apart from being the home to the Kings of Bohemia, several Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, and Presidents of Czechoslovakia, Prague Castle also has the distinction of being the largest ancient castle in the world.

* Nothing screams WELCOME than two giant sculptures of legendary characters beating their foes to a bloody pulp.

Prague the Lively - Old Town Square and Jewish Cemetery

Located between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, the Old Town Square of Prague is also its heart. Containing, or within walking distance to all the city's major tourist attractions, you could spend a full day just appreciating the various sights, sounds, and tastes that the area has to offer.

Prague the Photogenic - Wenceslas Square and New Town

Prague is probably the most photogenic city.. EVER. Looking like a mixture of every picturesque city in the world (Paris, Budapest, Vienna, etc), Prague is a feast for the eyes and the mind, especially for history buffs like this writer. 
Apart from being the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia, Prague was also the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire, played major roles during the Protestant Reformation and Thirty Years War, and was a crown jewel of the Habsburgs, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazis, and the USSR.

* The very orderly Wenceslas Square is the business and cultural center of Prague. This is where demonstrations, celebrations, and other gatherings are often held.