Italian Food Trippin'

Our relaxed visit to the Amalfi Coast, gave us the opportunity to savor some of our favorite Italian dishes. It felt refreshing to actually eat in our own time (unlike in Florence and Rome where we were in a hurry) and to eat such quality food (unlike the unlimited food on our cruise ship which was definitely more about quantity than quality).

Sorrento Cappuccino

* My mind still keeps coming back to this place in Sorrento whenever I have my morning cup of Joe. When you mix awesome ambiance with Napoletane guitar music and a smile-y barista; what you get is a credible claim to have the best damn Cappuccino, not just in Sorrento, but EVER.

Italian Dessert

* Ice-cream, crepes, gelato and cake, quadruple-teamed their way into my belly.

Pizza Napoli

* Pizza, which I’ve had an addiction to ever since the days of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was invented in Naples. It’s only fitting that those served here are EPIC. This is actually the only time that I could say that a meat-less pizza (as I am a proud carnivore and a firm believer that EVERY pizza should have pepperoni, italian sausage and bacon at the minimum) comes close to perfection.

Italian Panini

* Because when one is in Europe, and is on a strict budget; a 3 Euro panini (alternating between salami, turkey and parma ham) eaten everyday is a feast!

Italian Salad

* Salad, cheese and the freshest tomatoes ever, make for one hell of an appetizer!

Italian Pasta

* Sbarro this definitely is not. In Positano, we ate like kings and queens. Add this to the free wifi that the resto had, and this was easily the best meal that I had in Italy!


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