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Italian Food Trippin'

Our relaxed visit to the Amalfi Coast , gave us the opportunity to savor some of our favorite Italian dishes . It felt refreshing to actually eat in our own time (unlike in Florence and Rome where we were in a hurry) and to eat such quality food (unlike the unlimited food on our cruise ship which was definitely more about quantity than quality) . * My mind still keeps coming back to this place in Sorrento whenever I have my morning cup of Joe. When you mix awesome ambiance with Napoletane guitar music and a smile-y barista; what you get is a credible claim to have the best damn Cappuccino , not just in Sorrento, but EVER.

Amalfi Coast, Sorrento & Positano

One of the highlights of the cruise was getting to dock on the world-famous Amalfi Coast . Compared to the hectic, run-and-gun tours of Florence and Rome, our visit here was very relaxed and pleasant as we really got to take our time and sight-see, enjoy the food, sip some coffee and people watch; the way the Italians love to do! Easily, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most incredible locales in all of Italy . And that’s saying a lot since almost every city in Italy has it’s own character and charm! What it lacks in history (Rome), art (Florence) and majesty (Venice), the Coast makes up for with sheer breath-taking beauty! * The town of Sorrento , where many artists and poets have found love and inspiration throughout the centuries.