The Wedding - Part 2 (Bride Preps)

Last July 5, 2014, I married the love of my life. 
These are the written chronicles of that beautiful day.

Bride Getting Ready
* Down the hallway, in a much larger suite, my bride-to-be was getting ready for her big day.

Soon to be Mrs. Mancao
* For 29 years, there had only been one Mrs. Mancao, my mother. After today, there would be two of them!

Artsy Wedding Rings

* Because today was the perfect day to have ARTSYSHOT #1 featuring my fiancee's engagement ring, and soon to be, wedding ring. All shots taken by the phenomenal, Oly Ruiz.

Bridesmaid Goodies
* Being the thoughtful bride-to-be that she is, my fiancee prepared some goodies for all her bridesmaids and Ninangs.

Artsy Stilettos

*ARTSYSHOT #2 showcasing the unlikely combination of her stilettos and the room lamp! 

Wedding Ceremony Essentials

* ARTSYSHOT #3 this time highlighting all the wedding ceremony essentials!
Wonder Woman Bouquet
* Not to be outdone, my fiancee had a Wonder Woman LEGO figure on her bouquet that day!

Wedding Gown

* The wedding dress, made by the brilliant Francis Libiran, who coincidentally also made my fiancee's debut gown many years ago.

Wedding Gown

Wedding Invitations

* ARTSYSHOT #4 was our Greek-themed wedding invitation, which I absolutely loved.

Gift Delivery from Groom
* I wasn't the only one surprised that morning as I had also prepared a gift for my bride-to be, personally delivered by my college roommates VC and Ken, and closest friend from Cebu, Chad, those three among my oldest and dearest friends, now groomsmen.

Brand new Macbook Air

* The many smiles from my wife that day, as she opened her gift! :)

Beaming Bride-to-be

* Bellissima!!

Artsy Gown Shot
* ARTSYSHOT #5 was her Wedding Gown and the out-of-this-world, level of detail!

Reflective Pose

* The fiancee doing one of Oly Ruiz's trademark, "reflective pouting" poses.

Renaissance Beauty

Grandpa in the Locket

* One of the day's more emotional moments was when the fiancee discovered that in her wedding locket was a picture of her beloved grandfather, Ramon, who had passed away the previous year.

Grandpa in the Locket

Classic Beauty

* Bellezza Classica!

Classic Beauty

Father and Daughter Bonding
* Father and Eldest Daughter sharing a moment, another emotional one from that day.

Family Picture
* The Domingo family, which I would have the honor of joining that fine July day.


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