The Wedding - Part 3 (Ceremony)

Last July 5, 2014, I married the love of my life. 
These are the written chronicles of that beautiful day.

Magallanes Church exterior

* For our wedding ceremony, we specifically chose the Magallanes Church in Makati due to its impressive architecture, steady vibe and proximity to the reception venue.

Magallanes Church interior

* Also, it's our favorite church and coincidentally, where we first went to mass together all those years ago.


* All floral arrangements and styling expertly pulled off by the extremely talented Jing Tanada. She really delivered on the look and feel of my wife's dream, Greek-themed wedding.

Dad, Ninong Mario and Ninong Peter

* Dad sharing a hearty laugh with Tito Mario and Tito Peter, now our Ninongs.

The boys are back in town

* For a few years after graduating college, these snappy-looking fellas were my family and Sunday hang-out buddies here in Manila. I was very happy that everyone could fly-in for this day.

well wishers

* The mixture of greeting well-wishers, counting-down to "I Do", and feeling the adrenaline rush is one that you must prepare for. I made sure to take my vitamins C and B that day.

My parents

* The parental units, going strong for almost 31 years. They are my role models for an inspired, happy, and fulfilling marriage.

Ready to rock!

* It's Rock and Roll time!

Head of the line

* Ready for the walk to the altar. Cue the Imperial March theme from Star Wars. (Idea #6 vetoed by the wife)

The scene outside

* Outside, my bride, with some help from a slight breeze sent from the heavens, was ready for her moment.

My  bride

* Effortless.

My  bride

* Beautiful.

My  bride

* And Ethereal.

Here comes the bride

* My cute and spunky niece, Danie, doing a great job!


* Mom and I waiting for the big reveal. See the advancement in technology with everyone behind us holding a smartphone.

The reveal

* For my money, Magallanes Church has the best "door opening to reveal the bride" effect of all the churches in Manila.


* Cue the waterworks from the maids-of-honour, now my sisters.

Birds-eye view

A quick chat with my father-in-law

* My father-in-law and I have a quick chat, one I hope to be able to do for my future daughters. Tito and Tita (now Dad and Mom) have always been very loving, generous and supportive of Nicca and myself. I was proud, that day, to become the son they always wished they had.

Listening Intently

* Intently and intensely listening to Bishop Mylo's homily. 

St. Alphonsus

The Groomsmen

* My groomsmen looking sharp!

The Bridesmaids

* The bridesmaids looking sassy!

Flower decors



* The groom expressing his vows while trying to channel his inner James Earl Jones / Shawn Michaels.

The Ninongs

* We couldn't ask for a better set of Ninongs and Ninangs, all of whom had a hand in shaping us to be the adults we are now.

The Ninangs



The Mancaos

* The parental units beaming with pride and love. 

The Domingos

Laughter and Tears

* It was a day full of laughter and tears, normally a strange mix, but today perfectly fitting.

Folks Kissing

* My folks showing everyone how it's done!

Happy and Stress-Free

* Happy and genuinely stress-free. In fact, we don't remember worrying at all the whole day, thanks largely to our trust and confidence in our extremely professional suppliers led by our awesome wedding coordinator and master of his field, Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila.


The kiss

* Officially Mr. and Mrs. Mancao!

Only child flying the coop

* The only child has flown the coop! My parents finally gain the daughter they've been praying for.

Ninongs and Ninangs

* With our Ninongs and Ninangs. Such a good looking bunch!

Mancao, Aguilar & Tenazas Clans

* With the Mancao and Aguilar clans: including Mancao patriarch, Dr. Miguel Mancao, and Aguilar matriarch, Nieva Aguilar.

Domingo and Carrion Clans

* With the Domingo and Carrion clans: including Domingo family heads, former Mandaluyong City Mayor Ernesto Domingo and his wife, Corazon, and Carrion matriarch, Sylvia Carrion.

Cast of Characters of our Play

* The entourage, whose members played each role to perfection.

Mis hermanos for life

* My Cebu and Dorm boys looking swanky and ready to party! Mis hermanos for life.

Friends from all over!

* Our awesome friends who came from as far away as Denmark, Australia, Greece, France, the United States, Cebu, Mindanao and Alabang. We love you all!


* "Come here, you!"

Visiting Abu

* Dropping by the Magallanes Church Columbarium to say hello to Monicca's grandfather, Ramon. Thanks for watching over us, Abbu!


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