Visiting the Dodo Bird at Vienna's Naturhistorisches Museum

One of the most memorable stops in our trip was our afternoon visit to Vienna's Naturhistorisches Museum. As a child, I was a HUGE fan of books containing pages full of photos of the different animal species. A particular interest of mine was this book showcasing all the extinct animals with the various reasons for their extinction. I had no idea that I was gonna see all of my childhood favorites that afternoon.

Naturhistorisches Museum

* Opened in 1889, the Naturhistorisches Museum stands on the grounds of the Maria-Theresien-Platz, across its identical twin building, the Kunsthistorisches, Vienna's Museum of Fine Arts.

Naturhistorisches Museum

* The two museums were commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph I to house the Habsburg's sprawling collection of artworks, fossils, and preserved animal displays.

Giant Crab

* Check out this crab whose head is bigger than my wife's!


* Octopuses? Octopi? Octopodes?


* Eat all you can Seafood Buffet!

Creepy Crawlers

* A collection of creepy crawlies.

Ant Hill

* An armadillo devouring an ant hill.


* A swarm of butterflies, with a grinning alligator.

Predators of the Deep

* Predators of the deep blue.

Great White Shark

* With their Lord, the Great White Shark.


* Gigantic Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world.

Fossilized Fish

* A bunch of fossilized fish wearing their Halloween costumes.


* A sneaky one trying to steal a kiss from the missus.

Fancy Haircut

* A very chill looking fish-eel with a fancy haircut.

Giggling Fish

* We had a ball checking out these cheerful looking fish. They look like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Troubled Look
* And our two favorites! Parrot-beaked Peter and Pessimistic Paul.


* A hallway my mother would love. (She hates snakes.)

King Cobra

* All hail the King Cobra!


* Anaconda looking for a J.Lo reunion movie.


* The rattlesnake, which freaked me out more than I was expecting!

Ninja Turtles

* Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello

Crocs and Gators

* Which one among you guys was Captain Hook's nemesis?

Crocs and Gators

* The one on the left is rumored to be the biggest gossiper among the gals.

Komodo Dragon

* The awe-inspiring Komodo Dragon. It's HUGE!


* These two are on vacation from Hogwarts.

Philippine Eagle

* The Philippine Eagle (or Monkey Eating Eagle), which ironically I saw for the first time in Vienna!

Naturhistorisches Museum

* 10 year old Dane and Monicca were VERY happy!

Happy Feet

* Different shades of Happy Feet.


* Oscar the Ostrich standing elegantly.


* These fellas don't wanna get left out!


* The Vulture, just as I remembered from the Jungle Book cartoon!

Hipster Beard

* Hipster Bird with the most epic of beards.

Dodo Bird

* The famous Dodo Bird! My favorite out of all the extinct animals is a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be. 


* A multitude of colors and name plates.

Tasmanian Tiger

* The Tasmanian Tiger, chillin under the spotlight.

Ant Lovers

* Ant lovers waiting for the buffet to open.

Southern Elephant Seal

* The Southern Elephant Seal, happily greeting us with an Italian accent.


* The one on the left took her diet too far!


* The Hungry Hippo looking very pleased.


* Gary the Giraffe with the unscratchable itch behind his neck.


* The Okapi wearing designer-label skinny jeans.


* Pumbaa missing Timon, dearly.

Camels and Llamas

* A tale of Camels and Llamas.


* The Chimpanzees played around with my sunblock lotion again!


* Retirement home for Santa's loyal helpers.


* Wally the Walrus enjoying his Cal-King bed.


* All the Bears we could bear...


* A pack of canines; tough together, adorable apart.


* The Orangutan still raving about his performance in Planet of the Apes.

Naturhistorisches Museum Interior

* The museum currently houses around 30 million objects, cared for and studied by over 60 scientists.

Naturhistorisches Museum Interior

* Aside from the collection, the architecture and design of the building is also worth noting.

Naturhistorisches Museum Interior

* Magnificent! This place could double as one of the French / Austrian Palaces.

Precious Stones

* While the first floor is dedicated to animals, the second floor is full of precious stones, minerals, and meteorites.


* A humongous slab of Amethyst, which was believed by the Ancient Greeks to prevent alcohol intoxication. Sign me up for one of these!


* A geologist's dream!

Teeth Out

* Brushing his teeth must have been a chore!

Fish Fossil

* One of those rare fossilized ancient fish from our childhood text books!

Dinosaur Bones

* The climax of any museum is most definitely its dinosaur exhibit!


* How Jurassic Park's Velociraptor actually looked like! She fancy!

Dinosaur Bones

* One of the museum's prized collections is this complete Diplodocus skeleton from Andrew Carnegie, steel baron and one of the richest Americans in history.

Human Ancestors

* An equally impressive exhibit is this one of man's various ancestors, with skulls trying to complete the link from ape to man.

Travel Writing Neanderthal

* This computer simulation of how one would look as a Neanderthal was a big hit among museum-goers! Not too shabby indeed.

Human Ancestors

* A pleasure meeting fellow Honeymooners on this trip! These two look like they're gonna make it for the long haul.


* An afternoon well spent, satisfying the inner children in us.


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