Hofbrauhaus and the Oktoberfest Festival

Now it won't be a trip to Munich without a stop at the mythical Hofbrauhaus, the spiritual home of beer and the world-famous Oktoberfest, an annual festival for beer lovers the world over! 


* Founded in 1589 by Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria, the Hofbrauhaus is one of Munich's oldest beer halls and was the place that wrote the book on the famous and revered Bavarian Beer Purity Law.


* Once the Kingdom of Bavaria's official royal brewery, the Hofbrauhaus today is owned by the Bavarian state government.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Station

* Waitresses are dressed in traditional Bavarian/Alpine costumes known as the Dirndl and are fully capable of carrying eight HUGE beer mugs, each!


* Check out our server who bears an uncanny resemblance to NBA player, Blake Griffin!

His and Her Beer

* His and Her Beer! Not to be outdone, the wife made sure she had her own mug.

Hofbrauhaus Menu

* The beer garden's charming menu comes in several languages, proving just how popular this place is with foreigners.

Hofbrauhaus Dark Beer

* The house specialty is this mug of Hofbrau Dark Beer, also known as the "original Bavarian beer." Coming in at exactly 1-Liter, each mug of beer goes for €8.00.

Hofbrauhaus Bavarian Band

* Adding to the festive nature of the place is this brass band playing traditional Bavarian drinking music!


* The Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival held in Munich from mid September to the first week of October and lasting for 16 days. Every year, over 6 million beer-guzzling tourists make the pilgrimage to these hallowed grounds.


* An important part of Bavarian culture, the Oktoberfest is a REAL feast where a crazy 7.7 million liters of beer are consumed in half a month!


* Historically, Bavarian beer is legendary throughout Europe and as one story states, during the Thirty Years War, the Swedish King agreed to spare the city of Munich from pillaging due to the citizens' surrender of 600,000 barrels of Hofbrauhaus beer.

Hofbrauhaus Reserved Tables

* Bavarians LOVE their beer! Check out these nooks especially reserved for the regulars, many of whom have been coming over and sitting on these benches for decades!

Hofbrauhaus Beer Lockers

* Insane beer lockers containing personalized mugs, all for the regulars!

Hofbrauhaus Seal

* Since the Hofbrauhaus is integral to the culture of Bavaria, it has also been a part of the state's dark past.

Hofbrauhaus Band

* It was here where the German Workers Party had their weekly meetings full of debates and speeches. One charismatic speech-giver later became head of the party, changed its name to the Nazi Party, and is notoriously remembered for being the Fuhrer of the Third Reich.

Hofbrauhaus Hall of Fame

* Photos of celebrated and renowned beer groups line the staircase of the building.You gotta love their dedication to booze!

Hofbrauhaus Sausages

* Of course, you can't have beer without pairing them with sausages. We tried a platter of pork, Viennese and pfalzer sausages on a bed of sauerkraut. Very good, indeed!

Oktoberfest Pilgrim

* The writer enjoying excellent libations! That night I had four 1-Liter mugs of good stuff. As the popular Bavarian drinking chant goes: "One, Two, Down the hatch!"

* Here's a video of all the festivities!

Munich Metro

* Walking home inebriated was also a hilarious experience! I apparently spent a couple of minutes trying to pronounce this awesome metro station sign. Please do try it yourself!

Laughing Wife

* Here's my very game wife, taking great care of her drunk husband, and laughing at him at the same time. Thanks honey!


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