The Kremlin: Home of Vladimir Putin

At the very heart of the beast that was the Soviet Union stands the fortified complex known as the Kremlin. Separated from Moscow's iconic Red Square by thick impenetrable walls, the Kremlin was for Centuries the official residence of the Russian Tsars.

Kremlin Senate

* And this fine tradition continues to this day, as the Kremlin is the home of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. He lives in the Kremlin Senate building, which is obviously the most secure part of the fortress.

Kremlin Arsenal

* The entire complex is massive! With five palaces and four cathedrals found within the Kremlin Walls.

Kremlin Arsenal

* Entering the Kremlin, you'll immediately get an idea on how armed this place is; with the Kremlin Arsenal being the first building you'll come across, its canons and artillery proudly displayed.

Troitskaya Tower

* Entrance to the complex is actually through the Troitskaya Tower, one of many towers situated on various portions of the Kremlin Wall.

Troitskaya Tower

* Welcome all friends of the Revolution!

Kremlin Guard

* Don't mess with the Russians!

State Kremlin Palace

* The State Kremlin Palace is a rather modern looking building by the entrance of the complex. While it is used these days for pop concerts, the Palace once housed the Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Nikolskaya Tower

* Do not dare stray from the marked tourist path. Special forces snipers are everywhere! 

Church of the Twelve Apostles

* The Russian Tsars were protectors of the Orthodox Christian faith; thus churches and chapels can be found all over Russian cities. The Kremlin is no exception!

Spasskaya Tower

* Hello St. Basil! This is the off-limits, highly secure path towards the Red Square.

Dormition Cathedral

* The multi-domed and colorful Kremlin Cathedrals, with their incredibly distinct Eastern Orthodox architecture, offer moments of reflection from hectic sightseeing.

Tsar Cannon

* One of the most popular attractions in the Kremlin is the Tsar Cannon, the largest cannon in the world!

Tsar Bell

* Which is actually right next to the Tsar Bell, the largest bell in the world! Am not sure if the huge hole on the bell was caused by the cannon...

Cathedral of the Annunciation

* Among the Kremlin Cathedrals, the Cathedral of the Annunciation is the most golden of them all. Connected to the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Cathedral served as the personal chapel of the Russian Tsars and the Russian Royal Family.

Dormition Cathedral

* Have a dramatic door, and the wife will instantly pose!

Church of the Desposition of the Robe

* The Church of the Deposition of the Robe venerates the supposed Robe of the Virgin Mary, which was taken from Palestine to Constantinople, and miraculously protected the city from being conquered for Centuries.

Ivan the Great Bell Tower

* The tallest structure in the whole complex is the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, which serves as the bell tower for all Cathedrals and Churches within the Kremlin Walls.

Dormition Cathedral

* And finally, the most important religious building in the Kremlin, and in fact all of Russia, is the Cathedral of the Dormition. Apart form being the mother church of Muscovite Russia, the Cathedral was also where the Russian Tsars were crowned, and Patriarchs and Metropolitans of the Russian Orthodox Church are buried. 

Kremlin Armoury

* This unassuming building, known as the Armoury, actually contains the most priceless treasures of the Russian Tsars and aristocrats, along with the most sacred items from the Russian Orthodox Church. Some of the items within include the Imperial Crown of Russia, the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible, and the biggest collection of Fabergé eggs in the world.

Grand Kremlin Palace

* And the most important and grandest building in the whole complex is the Grand Kremlin Palace, the actual home of the Russian Tsars. Unfortunately no photos are allowed of the main palace, so we had to make do with random corners of the edifice.

Borovitskaya Tower

* The Borovitskaya Tower: end of the tour and the way out of the Kremlin 

Kremlin Park

* The adventure continues with a nice walk on the park outside the Kremlin Walls. Here you'll find sculptures of various Russian heroes and other important people.

Kremlin Park

Warning Signs

* Future-proofed security by banning drones.. and apparently roller blades.

Kremlin Walls


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