Sevilla Cathedral: The Largest Cathedral in the World

In the medieval competition for recognition of the title of "Champion of Christianity", Spain certainly talked the talk and walked the walk. 

Not content with colonizing the Americas and the Philippine Islands in the name of Christ and waging a crusade to reconquer the Iberian peninsula from the Muslim Moors, Spain also built herself several iconic and unrivaled churches; among which is the Cathedral of Seville.

Also known as the largest cathedral in the world!

* And burial place of famed explorer, Christopher Columbus.

* When we talk about the largest cathedral in the world, we do mean LARGEST cathedral in the world!

* The title of which, Seville Cathedral won from Constantinople's (now Istanbul) massive Hagia Sophia, which had held the title for nearly a thousand years.

* The Spaniards sure weren't messing around with scale!

* One of the focal points of the Cathedral is the previously mentioned burial catafalque of Christopher Columbus, seen here in all its epic glory!

* Yes those are four giant adorned kings (representing the kingdoms of Castile, Leon, Aragon, and Navarre.. which altogether make up the Kingdom of Spain) carrying the sarcophagus of the famous explorer!

* Christopher Columbus, of course, is famous for discovering the Americas from the point of view of American and European historians!

* Go big or go home! Just imagine the music from this gigantic organ; both classical and electronic dance! 

* You can probably fly a drone in here AND lose signal / range with it!

* Altar display styling is one of the legacies of Spanish colonization of the Americans and Philippine Islands!

* The pillars might as well be redwood sequoia trees with how thick they are.

* The Cathedral of course contains all the trappings of a working and functioning place of worship; such as the Baptistry, setting for that sacred milestone in the life of every Christian boy and girl.

* And this one, which is a Church WITHIN the Cathedral. 

* Yes this place is THAT huge.

* And like all grand European churches, the place is filled with chapels of every conceivable purpose and design. From the intricate rococo..

* To the more traditional Italian Renaissance..

* To those adorned with religious paintings..

* To the ones that are REALLY adorned!

* Yeah they spared no expense in this place!

* One can spend the whole day just exploring the various chapels, rooms, and halls.

* Or looking up to gawk at the domes and ceilings of exquisite Renaissance design.

* Or admiring the rich detail and history of every nook and cranny in the Cathedral's treasury.

* Containing a rich collection of religious treasures and works-of-art.

* Including this statue of the Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus from the Philippine Islands.

* And of course, relics from countless Christian saints.

* Or just finding a spot to sit quietly, reflect, and maybe say a short prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving.

* A strange bonus is spotting this crocodile which seems comically out of place!


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